• #1 - Quality

    Our treats are sure to make your flock's feathers ruffle in delight! Packed with quality ingredients like whole grains, dried insects, nuts, and berries, these treats are a nutritious feast that'll have your flock clucking for more!

  • #2 - Reward

    Want to show your flock how much you appreciate their egg-laying skills? Give them some Pecking Order treats. It's a great way to reward your flock and say thank you for all the delicious fresh eggs they provide.

  • #3 - Support

    During unfavorable conditions such as winter or drought, when there is limited forage available, offering treats can effectively support your flock's natural foraging instincts.

  • #4 - Training

    Captivate your flock's attention with tempting treats. These not only infuse a sense of fun into your interactions, but also provide essential training resources to guide your adventurous flock back to the safety of their coop.