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Poultry Feeder and Waterer Combo

Poultry Feeder and Waterer Combo

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FEED & WATER YOUR FLOCK: With Pecking Order's feeder and waterer combo you have the two most important pieces of hardware for your chicken coop to help care for your backyard flock.

POULTRY FEEDER: The poultry feeder holds up to 11 pounds of poultry feed, grit, or oyster shell and is translucent, making it easy to monitor feed levels. The anti-scratch ring with 18 feed ports helps minimize feed waste. Complete with adjustable cord for hanging and feeder cover. For Chickens 3 Weeks Old & Up

POULTRY WATERER: The durable plastic poultry waterer holds 1 gallon of water and is translucent, making it easier to monitor the water level. The convenient handle makes it easy to carry the poultry waterer to and from the coop. For Chickens 3 Weeks Old & Up.

ELECTROLYTES PLUS VITAMINS: Electrolytes plus vitamins and trace minerals from Pecking Order will help get your chicks off to a great start. It’s also a great way to ease stress hens may encounter during periods of extreme heat and other challenging conditions. Each 2 ounce package mixes with 20 gallons of water.

COMBO PACK INCLUDES: 1 Poultry Feeder, 1 Poultry Waterer, 3 Packs of Electrolytes Plus Vitamins & Trace Minerals

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