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Dessert Bucket - Grub Toppings

Dessert Bucket - Grub Toppings

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We took assorted seeds, grains, cherries, raisins, topped off with black soldier fly larvae then coated it all with sunflower puree to make a treat so irresistible to your flock it had to be called dessert. We served it all up in a handy, easy to carry bucket with a treat scoop inside that makes treat time even more fun!

Ingredients: Corn, milo, wheat, calcium carbonate, black oil sunflower seeds, flax seed, dried black soldier fly larvae, raisins, dried cherries, may contain less than 2% of salt, monoglycerides, & sugar.

Directions: Use scoop to distribute treats or scatter on the ground to promote foraging. Treats should not exceed 10% of a laying hen's diet.

Net Weight: 5 LB

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